Poems by Bill

Bill Eccles


I have a box of yesterday's, that I keep underneath my bed, it's getting full of things I did, and all the things I said! It's full of cherished memories, from all my days gone by, and a little place inside the box, lay the dried tears that I've cried! The left side holds the photographs, that mean so much to me, all my dogs that passed away, and my family! The right side holds the hall of fun, concert tickets and such, and ticket stubs from the cinema that I loved so much! The main part of this treasure trove, the most important things lay there, birth certificates of my kids, and each ones lock of hair! As the end of life closes in on me, the box is almost full, and when the day comes that I pass, I'll leave one important rule, I want my kids to take the box, store it in a special place, and also leaning next to it , a framed picture of my face! Now whenever you get lonely, or if your feeling sad, you can come check out my memory box, and visit your old dad!,🌹♥️......B.E.

Body of Work

The coalition of our life experiences can be a powerful source of inspiration to draw from. Whether in times of great sadness or joy, my works are a result of that inspiration. When you read my poems, my hope is that they ignite deep emotions within you.


A great many of my poems have a touch of whimsy to them. I find that poems of  an odd and unpredictable nature are so fun to write!


How uplifting and euphoric it is to write a joyful poem. It’s a great way to enlighten my mood and make my day so much brighter!


Many of my poems are written during hours of contemplation while sitting on my deck in my backyard. I love to wind down the day by reflecting on my day or life and writing a good verse!