An apron of yellow, hung on her shoulders, while a handkerchief donde her brown hair,, her hands held some flowers, destined for the window, that intensified, the beautiful aire! The bushes outside gave a sense of security,, along with a summer like green,, a roof with two gables, gave a simple like feel, to this already humble home seen! The fence needed paint, with maybe a nail, but a cat there, didn’t seem to mind,, he’d sit at the top, searching for movement, hoping for a mouse there to find! Weeds mixed with flowers, wild and free, hung in the yard for the look,, this is so perfect, as i sit by a tree,, and pencil all of this in my book! I know that it’s winter, white covered and cold, and spring is still a few months away, but my heart is yearning, to sit in the yard, and write what i see through the day!


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