To humans it’s sad when you lose someone close, and that’s because we all wear a heart,, sometimes on our chest, with a message of love, or on our sleeve sadly falling apart! The more you explore and use science plus faith, the closer to closure you’ll be, your loved one’s aren’t gone, they might have went home, or decided to stay,, you’ll have to see! When you visit there grave you’ll remember the days when you played and invented your fun,, or maybe a wife that started your family and then stayed till her cherished time was done! Life is a word that we use in our language, but “Live” is the answer we seek,, will we still live,, when transition takes place? “yes of course” we’re just scared and so meek! The universe is energy,, the answer to all, and it dwells inside each one of us,, our souls can be seen as a big ball of light,, sometimes you can feel it if your touched! Getting back to your sadness, think of it like this,, if you remain sad, maybe they can’t go on,, i don’t want my Mom or my little Brother feeling,, stuck like a stick in a pond! Finish your life, go on and be happy,, “You Are Energy” theirs nothing to lose,, go with a smile, like a tree in the night, that’s enjoying the light of the moon!

For Doreen

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