When you finally arrive to the crossroads of life,, your choice can be easy to mistake,, the weight of your future now rest on your shoulders,, and depends on the ones that you make! Take more than a minute,, go back to your youth, and those promises that you never kept,, envision those times in a room learning lessons, but actually not”,, “your mind slept!” Now here you are, scared and confused with no real direction to choose, melancholy sets in,, and soon you’ll experience, a strong hurting sense of The Blues!!! You made a mistake it happens to many, but hey,, i think your, ok,, there’s people who care how you travel in life, and will help you along your way!! I guess i should tell you, this person was me, and the lessons i learned hit there mark! Though dropping out of school i got very lucky,, as life’s cruelest lessons made me smart!!!

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