Winter Nights

The roof dripping ice from the warmth of a day, made music hitting cans on the steps, splotches of grass stretched towards a sky, that didn’t have much sunshine left! Winter was still here, but weaker in it’s form, as the snow covered ground looked like slush, as night was now falling, you called to the stars,, soon after an Owl shouted Hush!!! I sat out back in an old wicker chair, that had a small table to match,, my favorite beer, sat there by itself,, wanting me to open the hatch!! As a comet streaked by, like chalk on a board,, i raised my can in respect,, whenever i see, something from my before, my brain has to instantly reflect!. I started a fire to heat the night air, and introduce the flames to my bones,, as i saw wicked licking the at the branch dressed in bark, the color changed Orange on its own!🔥 a dimmer of light still showed on the horizon,, giving hope for tomorrows clear sky,, as i sipped kind of heavy, and burped in contentment, i went in the house with a sigh!! 😴🌌

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