My Heart

I wanted to open my heart for you and let you peek inside, the clouds are broken and floating away, so the tears can no longer hide! A smile from within me, is starting to show, that feels so much like the sun, brighter and brighter happiness blooms, until finally a love there has won! The sea lays calm, where wild once lived, and the shore is glittered with hope, the rocks sit heavy in a blue salt tide, looking as though they could float! As my heart pumps seeds, flowers appear, like pillows decorated in pale, the orange in the middle, is splashed with spots, while the Yellow peddles prevail! This is my heart on a very good day, much like a child is born, i cant make it stay, as everyone knows,,, there’s peace before a storm!!! All i can say is ill try each day, to make that smile appear,, because if i do, it’s going to be hard,, for any storms to end up here!!!

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