This Old House

Near the end of a meadow where the willows would grow,, stood a house all hollow from time,, a path to the creek was covered in growth, but once was easy to find! The water now flows, turtle race slow, but once ran swift and loud, just like that house and the family now gone, they once stood, tall strong and proud! Up on the hill looking down at the town, memories would swirl in the wind, if you wanted to smile you could reach out and grab one,, and laugh at the story within! Little is known about an old tombstone, that sat on a mound by a tree,, the only thing etched on the curved piece of slate, was “Im Sleeping, So Don’t Bother Me”!!! Spring is now close, the air will turn warm, and the creek will rush here and then… when summer comes along, im sure I’ll be back,, as my heart takes this trip once again!!!

For My Friend Chuck Kelly

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