A long time ago, i came into this world, i wasnt much bigger than a weed, we didn’t have luxuries but i didn’t care,, as i knew someday i’d suceed! My Pa taught me good, the lessons of life, and his knowledge stays with me today,, i moved to the city and made dollars so many, but still i could hear Papa say! It’s not what you own, it’s not what wear, and it’s surley not what you drive,, the best things in life,, don’t cost a thing,, and they make you feel so alive! Our farm it’s a treasure, a thing to behold,, and the memories are valued by love, now that im older i chose to come home, and be with the things i spoke of! To sit on my porch and nap in the air, makes it so easy to breath,, and when comes the time, that im going to Heaven, I’ll take along Pa’s lessons with me!!!

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